Favorite acts of beauty, Volume 1

  As the mother of three young children and a farm wife during the busy season, my reading time is late at night after everyone (including my snoring farmer husband) is asleep. I am well-versed in all kinds of booklights. Likewise, my listening time usually involves dishes and dinner-making. It’s taken me a while to learn some lessons […]

YA Blog series: God’s will in The Girl of Fire and Thorns series, by Karissa Knox Sorrell

I’m excited to have Karissa Knox Sorrell on the blog today. She is a writer and ESOL educator from Nashville, Tennessee. She is an avid reader of YA books and even named her daughter after Madeleine L’Engle. Read more of Karissa’s writing at her blog or follow her on Twitter.   The Fire and Thorns trilogy by Rae Carson […]

YA Blog Series: Learning to see reality in Jacob Have I Loved by Heather Munn

I met Heather Munn nearly six years ago when my family moved to the intentional community where she was already living with her husband. Since then, not only have I enjoyed sharing with her a deep love of reading fiction (both YA and adult) but I’ve also enjoyed reading her own writing. Heather and her mother […]

YA blog series: Hunger Games and the pleasure of a good story by STINA KC

I was so excited that Stina KC agreed to write for this series. I’m just getting to know Stina through other blogger friends and I’ve enjoyed bonding with her over great C.S. Lewis quotes, ill-fitting maternity clothes, and our love of YA. Stina KC is a fledgling writer who blogs occasionally at http://stinakc.wordpress.com/. After turning 30, she […]

YA Blog series: On Rites of Passage by C.F. LAPINEL

I have known C.F. Lapinel for many years. We made it through grad school together, huddled in pubs and coffee shops during winter, hunkering down to write from our imaginations about odd children who lived in worlds of make-believe and fantasy. I’ve always appreciated not only his “childlike mind,” his boundless imagination, and his ability to craft a […]

YA blog series: Amy Peterson’s take on Eleanor & Park

I’m honored to share Amy Peterson’s contribution to this series about a YA book that she isn’t embarrassed to read. I’m honored because, among other things, Amy is incredibly well-read, a killer writer, a great editor, and a gracious friend. Her writing is distinguished by clarity of thought, beautiful metaphors, and sharp wit.  Amy Peterson teaches ESL and works with the Honors Guild at […]

Guest blogging

I’ve spent more time on other blogs than my own lately. But I’ve been enjoying writing for other folks about fairy tales, children’s literature, and Madeleine L’Engle. And another post on Art House America about the importance of fairy tales; instead of viewing them as escaping reality, they actually point to a deeper reality that […]