Hope I didn’t shock you there. No, my family and I are not actually moving away from our current home on the farm. But my writing and blogging is moving to a new home. I have launched a new website called Please consider subscribing to the new site. I will continue to blog and provide links to […]

Hail Mary, full of grit

This Sunday, my favorite in Advent, we read the Magnificat and sing songs about Mary. In our church, our small and humble crew will sing a song I wrote called “My soul doth magnify.” Each time I sing this song, I am reminded of the pain and anxiety I was feeling when I wrote it two years ago. But I am also […]


  Matthew 1:22   In a house occupied with the smell of fish feasts, voices gnarled like fig trees, and the rhythm of feet learning balance on stone floors, the vessel of the long-expected grows a secret   As cells multiply and burrow deep into soft lining as brain and heart form a one and […]

Favorite acts of beauty, Volume 1

  As the mother of three young children and a farm wife during the busy season, my reading time is late at night after everyone (including my snoring farmer husband) is asleep. I am well-versed in all kinds of booklights. Likewise, my listening time usually involves dishes and dinner-making. It’s taken me a while to learn some lessons […]

YA Blog series: God’s will in The Girl of Fire and Thorns series, by Karissa Knox Sorrell

I’m excited to have Karissa Knox Sorrell on the blog today. She is a writer and ESOL educator from Nashville, Tennessee. She is an avid reader of YA books and even named her daughter after Madeleine L’Engle. Read more of Karissa’s writing at her blog or follow her on Twitter.   The Fire and Thorns trilogy by Rae Carson […]

YA Blog Series: Learning to see reality in Jacob Have I Loved by Heather Munn

I met Heather Munn nearly six years ago when my family moved to the intentional community where she was already living with her husband. Since then, not only have I enjoyed sharing with her a deep love of reading fiction (both YA and adult) but I’ve also enjoyed reading her own writing. Heather and her mother […]